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What is Hillel?

As the largest Jewish student organization in the world, Hillel builds connections with emerging adults at more than 550 colleges and universities, and inspires them to direct their own path. During their formative college years, students are challenged to explore, experience, and create vibrant Jewish lives.

What does Hillel offer students?

Hillel encourages students of all backgrounds to form deep, personal connections to Jewish life, learning and Israel, through Jewish exploration, leadership, and a sense of belonging. Hillel professionals provide opportunities for students to have meaningful Jewish experiences, which can range from participating in peer-facilitated Jewish learning initiatives or immersive travel experience such as alternative breaks and Birthright Israel, to developing relationships with Jewish mentors and educators, among others. Hillel also supports and facilitates student celebrations of Shabbat and holidays on and off-campus. We provide opportunities for students to build lifelong connections – to their Jewish life, to each other and to Jewish communities worldwide.

How can I donate to a local campus Hillel?

Donate to your local Hillel by visiting its listing in our College Guide.

I support my local campus Hillel. Can I become a member of the Global Leadership Society?

Yes. The Global Leadership Society recognizes and connects supporters across the Hillel movement with an annual minimum commitment of $5,000 to any combination of Hillel entities: a local campus, multiple campuses, the Schusterman International Center, Hillels outside North America, or any combination thereof.

What role does Israel play in Hillel’s work? Will Hillel partner with my Israel organization?

Israel is at the heart of Hillel’s work. Our goal is to inspire every Jewish college student to develop a meaningful and enduring relationship to Israel and to Israelis. We know that engaged and educated students can become committed Jewish adults who are passionate supporters of Israel.


Hillel welcomes, partners with, and aids the efforts of organizations, groups, and speakers from diverse perspectives in support of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. Learn more about Hillel’s Center for Israel Engagement, and click here to read our full Guidelines on Israel.

How is Hillel Structured?

Each Hillel is unique and caters to the local community it serves. There are Hillels on large college campuses, and in the middle of metropolitan cities; those with large staffs; those run by student groups with a faculty advisor; and many more models.


Hillel is headquartered at the Charles and Lynn Schusterman International Center (SIC) in Washington, DC. We offer local Hillels resources and services to support them in their work on campus. Our Joseph Meyerhoff Center for Jewish Experience provides students and professionals with Jewish educational resources and learning curricula. We also offer support in the areas of human resources, fundraising, strategic planning, leadership development, communications, fiscal administration, and student engagement.
To learn more about a local Hillel, visit its College Guide listing.

I recently made a donation to Hillel, and have not received a receipt, or the receipt was incorrect.

Thank you very much for your donation to Hillel! Please note that it can take up to six weeks for your gift to be processed and a receipt to reach you by mail. If you have not received your receipt after six weeks, please email the Advancement Associate at, and include your full name, address and date of your gift, and your specific inquiry/request. You may also reach us by phone at (202) 449-6554.

Why should I donate to Hillel?

A donation to Hillel can help impact approximately 400,000 college-age Jews on campus, at a critical moment of their self-discovery. With your support, Hillel provides students with meaningful Jewish experiences at colleges and universities across the world; encouraging them to make an enduring commitment to Jewish life, learning and Israel. Your generous tax-deductible donation will enable us to continue enriching the lives of these students. Please click here to donate now.

I do not currently reside in North America. Are there still opportunities for involvement?

When we say a community of Global Leaders – we mean it! Stay updated on international GLS events, guided trips, and local resources by filling out this short form or contacting Jeremy Moskowitz at

Can I fulfill my society membership through a gift of securities?

Of course! Making a gift of stocks, bonds or mutual funds to has special tax benefits. For more information, or to notify us of an incoming transfer, please contact Jessie Heines at