Bob Stone

Deans Society
“My dad always told me that if you were fortunate enough to be successful you should give back in some way to the community.”
University Michigan Hillel Board Chair, Global Leadership Conference Co-Chair

Q: Where were you born? Where do you live now?
A: Detroit –  Bloomfield Hills MI

Q: Where did you go to college?
A: University of Michigan

Q: What is your profession?
A: I am a Partner at an Independent Registered Investment Advisor called Telemus Capital.  We are a Wealth Management Firm.

Q: What are your hobbies or personal passions?
A: I Ski, play squash, Bike, Read and Love to Travel

Q: Do you have a favorite sports team?
A: Detroit Red Wings, University of Michigan Football and Hockey teams

Q: What are your favorite books?
A: The Fountainhead

Q: Do you have a favorite quote?
A: Politics is the art of saying nice doggie until you find a big enough rock.

Q: Who is your biggest inspiration?
A: My Hero’s are Gordie Howe, and Wayne Gretzky

Q: What is the best advice you’ve ever given?
A: Don’t Swing at the pitch

Q: If you could speak with your 18 year-old self, what advice would you give?
A: Enjoy life, don’t sweat the minor details and do what you enjoy

Q: When was the first time you became active with Hillel, and what did you do?
A: I joined the University of Michigan Hillel Board 4 years ago.

Q: What experiences from your past moved you to support Hillel? What did you hope to help accomplish?
A: When I was growing up my dad always told me that if you were fortunate enough to be successful you should give back in some way to the community. I wanted to reengage in the Jewish community after 15 years of involvement at the Karmanos Cancer Institute and I got a call from an old family friend who was the chair of the Hillel at the time. She asked me to get involved so I did. I am  glad I accepted her offer and thoroughly enjoying myself.

Q: How have you seen Hillel change as an organization over the time of your involvement?
A: Our Hillel has changed for the better.  We have update our bylaws, added over 15 new members to our board and change the way we find them. We have added a reporting Dash board to help our board  track important indicators, we have changed the way we develop goals for our ED and how we compensation her. Plus we are working on leadership development best practices and a better on boarding process for new board members.

Q: What role do you play as a supporter or leader with Hillel today?
A: I’m the Chair of  the University of Michigan Hillel board

Q: What has surprised you most in your work with Hillel?
A: The Quality of the staff, and the passion of the kids involved

Q: What are you most proud of from your work with Hillel?
A: Improving the quality of the board and its structure

Q: Why do you think Hillel’s work is crucial today?
A: Because the kids we support are the future leaders of the Jewish community and we are their first connection to the greater adult Jewish community.  If we do our job right I’m pretty certain our Jewish community will be ok.

Q: If you could impact one thing about Jewish life on campus, what would it be?
A: I would get more kids involved in Hillel  in the hopes that they will get more involved in the Jewish community in the future.